The trail is made up of 1 meter high model otters, which are resin casts. These have been decorated by local schools, community groups and professional artists commissioned by commercial sponsors. The finished works are wonderfully varied and all delightful.

The otters are on exhibition around the town during May and June and will all appear together at Farnham Carnival on 30th June.  Guided tours of the trail will be given on 27th May as part of the Farnham Walking Festival and is you want to join one of these walks please book through the Farnham Walking Festival website.  If you follow around the otter trail map and find the names of the otters you can enter a prize draw  and could win the Farnham In Bloom otter! Maps are available at Farnham Town Council and other locations around the town.

The project has succeeded in drawing people into an arts project who would not normally consider doing such a thing. Links have been made between sponsors and schools and community groups. The trail around the town has created a buzz of excitement and delight.